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01 January 2010


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Love your list! I especially agree with your "Best Vampire Book for Twilight-Haters" and "Most Enjoyably Bad Book". I'm reading Food, Girls, and Other Things I can't Have right now...


I've been meaning to read Chalice...can't believe I still haven't. Not sure if I agree with you on Liar--it seemed a bit too...hmmm...too much to me.

As for ghost stories...have you read the New Orleans book called Ruined? I just started, and despite the fact that the author's overuse of colons is killing me, the story is actually very addicting.


I so agree with you about Bad Girls Don't Die; definitely creepy!

Sarah I.

Between several of my sweet sister and my mother I got Lament, Ballad, AND Shiver for Christmas. Super awesome. And I can't believe that I haven't read Chalice yet...!


You've added more than one book to my TBR, including Ellen Potter and Gentlemen.


Thank you for the wonderful list and terrific categories. Have you read The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters? It is very creeeepy . . . . and also terrific.


Chalk me up for another one who is shocked - SHOCKED, I say - that I haven't read Chalice yet. So many great reads here! Thanks for being a fantastic presence in the blogosphere.


So with you on "What I Saw and How I Lied" - that book was mindblowingly well done. Amazing.

Ellen Potter

You made my morning with your sweet comment about my work! I just started a new website (launching today) and have a link to your site as one of my favorite book bloggers. Happy 2010 and may all good things come to you this year.


Excellent timing on your part! We've just started our annual J/YA reading challenge at my library, and I've been looking for some books to add to my TBR pile.


Even better than her Ariana Franklin medieval mysteries is her City of Shadows and her trilogy written as Diana Norman beginning with A Catch of Consequence.


I love Ellen Potter! And What I Saw and How I Lied was just amazing.

Kate F.

Wow, this is a perfect time to thank you once again for your pre-screening service! I had forgotten until I read through this list how many of my favorite books of the year I found via your recommendations. (Including all of those series except Emily of New Moon, and I read my way through all of each. Garden of Iden was the only one I didn't fall in love with, which is a pretty good hit rate!)

Anyway, thanks so much! I finally returned to the library last January after years without good access, and of the 200+ books I checked out I bet you were to thank for more than half of them.


Friday's Child IS made of awesome!!! So glad you read it and like it.

Alexis Easterday

Just wanted to let you know, as it's probably one of my all-time favorites, that there are actually three books total in the Emily of New Moon series. The third is Emily's Quest. I wasn't sure if you left it out by mistake or because you were unaware, but definitely do not want you to miss out.


I do, for sure -- I just haven't been able to bring myself to read it. Once I'm done, there'll be none left, and I'll be so sad...


Funny, Shadowed Summer is actually my pick for "Best Book Hidden Under the Worst Cover." I thought the cover of Eon Dragoneye was OK, it looked all mystical and stuff.

Also, there are actually TWO more books about Meg Powers (aka The President's Daughter). So you can still read Long Live the Queen, which is amazing, and have one left to read. EEW's The Road Home is one of my favorite books of all time ever.


Yeah, Shadowed Summer could totally fit in that category, too. Great book, TERRIBLE cover. But I loathed the Eon cover so much that I didn't pick the book up for months, whereas the Shadowed one didn't really deter me.

I can actually see Meg Powers #3 and #4 from where I'm sitting right now -- that series I haven't finished yet because, by all accounts, the second half of the series is going to Mess Me Up, and I'm being a wimp. I'll get there, though, I promise.

Jessica Leader

I loved these. I am trying to be politic in my comments--esp during Comment Challenge week!--but oh man, it is gratifying to see someone share my opinions on things.

Nike Shox Turbo

Mistakes are an essential part of education. (Bertrand Russell, British philosopher)

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