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27 January 2010


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Thank God. Like you said, too bad they won't come out and just admit they screwed up. And were racist. I don't know--I think it's possible for them to admit it. But maybe I'm just naive...


It seems to me that this has been happening a lot more lately, though I guess it's possible that it's just gotten more attention. Or people are just saying, "Hey, no one worries about racism anymore- we don't need to pay attention to skin color on our book covers!" At any rate, I'm glad they'll be getting new covers.


Thank you for blogging about this issue (and thanks to everyone else who did too). I intend on keeping a better eye on this sort of thing and I'm glad RAWW is in place as well as the Book Smugglers Cover Matters feature. Glad they're changing the cover and their statement is better than Bloomsbury's but yes an 'I'm sorry' would be nice and an explanation. I don't even understand that.

Keep up the great work. And I really wish libraries would just leave books alone. I mean c'mon getting rid of the dICTIONARY?! really. and trying to ban a children's book because the kid has two moms. Oh my goodness it is no big deal! Arghh. ok sorry I had to vent

Maggi (Mama Librarian)

Thanks for this post. It's good to know they decided to change the covers, but frustrating that they wouldn't own up to their mistake. How hard is that, really?

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