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08 January 2010


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That's always one of life's saddest moments, when shoes die. I have a pair of faux-Converse which are on their death bed (it hurts to walk on gravel and hot cement, like yours did), but I'm not ready to give them up yet! Sorry to hear about your Rocket Dogs!

(Okay, it's not one of life's absolute saddest moments, but it definitely sucks...finding shoes that fit well, don't hurt your feet and are still cute is a hard task!)


Not sure if this will be helpful, but there's a size 7.5 pair for sale on eBay which look the same as your dead ones. Alas and alack, none of the other "Rocket Dog" items are the same. (High heeled Birk-like sandals? WHY?)


Sadly, my feet are much bigger than that -- I wear a 9.5! But keeping an eye on eBay is a good idea -- that's how Josh replaced my poor dead Tredairs.


aw, man. i love me some rocket dogs. good luck finding replacements!


Rocket Dogs are possibly the most awesome shoes out there. I'm sorry for your loss. If the soles cracked open, then it can only mean you had many wonderful times together. Remember those...And definitely recommend keeping an eye on ebay for a pair.


My favorite pair of shoes (black clunky Mary Janes with glittery stars) died last month. I am still in denial and am searching the interwebs frantically for a replacement pair.

Dreadful Penny

Rocket Dogs = great shoes that die untimely deaths. I've walked big cuts in the soles of two beloved pairs. They're such a tease... they're so cute and comfy, but they just don't have the staying power.

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