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12 January 2010


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BWAHAHA! "Sir Dogs Hate Me"! Love it.


Why did Laura break down indeed!

I'm afraid I lost all sympathy with the young lady at this point.

As for Mr. Gilmore ... I can't share your love for him either. Couldn't he have dropped by Laura's room for a chat while he was at the house?


I've always felt some sympathety toward Laura, but the kind you begrudge a character- I don't like her personally, but I have no real reason not to, and so I feel obliged to pity her. Mr. Gilmore, on the other hand, I like.

Ms Avery

Ha, I love Mr. Gilmore. So snarky!

(My boyfriend and I are reading the book together, and while we both find the scenes with Mr. Fairlie incredibly annoying, they're a lot of fun to read.)


Sam: But weren't Laura and Marian away from Limmeridge at that point, visiting friends in Hampshire (or wherever)? And from his perspective, if Laura wouldn't pull out of the marriage, then getting Mr. Fairlie to refuse to allow it was the only real option, wasn't it?

The scenes with Mr. Fairlie are so frustrating -- they're so funny, but at the same time, I get so mad I want to throw the book across the room!

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