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05 January 2010


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I heart Ibbotson. esp. The Star of Kazan... sigh.

Jan @ Eating Y.A. Books

What a thoughtful and well-written review. I have never read an Ibbotson book and am honestly ashamed. I will be checking one out today at our school library and adding it to my must reads. Thank you.


Off topic, but wanted to mention in case you didn't know, that Meg Burden's second book, The King Commands (sequel to Northlander), will be releasing in April this year. This blog led me to Northlander, so I wanted to spread the joy.

Della D. Marinis

Ibbotson is indeed both old-fashioned and beautiful - nice to see those two adjectives paired. Thank you for the thoughtful review.


Great review. Love love love Eva Ibbotson. Which Witch is one of my favorite books ever.


This was such a sweet book. My new favorite Ibbotson.


It was such a nice surprise when I saw this at the bookshop - had no idea it even existed - and it's become one of my favorites of her books. I got all teary when I read it.


I love Ibbotson. Adding this to the to-read list immediately.


I do love Eva Ibbotson - she and Jeanne Birdsall are the only contemporary authors I've ever read who can pull off old-fashioned books without it feeling overly precious or adorable. Maybe Hilary McKay, allowing for a certain amount of quirk.


i love his book to bits its sooo intersting and i have a diffrent cover and i like the one i have coz it looks kinda of advenureise

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