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20 January 2010


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Jackie Parker



Have you got any draw-a-scene-from-a-book contests going on at your library now? Because I just finished Haddix's Sent and this is so totally a scene from that. OR, even better than something actually sponsored, maybe a kid was just illustrating a book scene FOR FUN!

Or it could just be a random throw-some-guys-off-a-castle drawing. Which is also good, but less literary.

Wendi Gratz



I once found a tiny slip of paper in the public library, children's section, that had been written by a little girl to her friend, "Dear _____: Raccoons love corn. In fact it is their favorite food."

That little note is still making my day, thirteen years later.


I like the architectural details around the castle door.


I feel so evil now.

That also made my day.


haha this is great. You work at a library? Me too. :) I'd be honored if you'd check out my blog. It's respources for Children/Teen librarians.

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