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24 March 2010


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Ms Avery

Ha ha yes, Bisto is a kind of instant gravy...

Haven't read any of these, but I do like that they've included two Irish-language books on the list.


I haven't read any of those on that list (although Solace of the Road sounds familiar)....but I am surprised that the YA doesn't include Michael Scott's The Alchemyst series....that is an extremely popular series over there and over here (yet no one seems to know about it...?).


Oh, is the author Irish? I started the first Alchemyst book and I hated it -- but I know it's been very, very popular with some people!


My mind has been boggled! I thought the Third Pig Detective Agency was sold as adult crime - the author emailed my old shop about stocking it, and we did (the crime dude loved it), in the crime section. I had no idea it was children's! (I wish I'd read it now.)

And I've been meaning to read FE Higgins. Grah.


Yes Scott is, I didn't notice it until after picking up the books.

I've found that it is a hit or miss series - either you like it or you don't - with most people. Although I found it an enjoyable read, I did find that the books plot was a bit overdone...the only thing that kept me reading was one or two of the characters. The second was definately more developed, but still suffered from the same illness as the first.

Fuse #8

Agreed. I'm meh on Michael Scott. But Leila if you haven't read The Eyeball Collector then you much do so immediately. It cures what ails you. Besides, name me one other children's book that features a man devouring an entire dead cat raw.


Anna: It sounded to me like it might be one that would crossover well -- good to know. I'll definitely have to read it now!

Fuse: I'll track down a copy ASAP! That title alone! It makes me almost swoony!

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