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11 March 2010


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Electric Landlady

Bimbos also has a sequel, Zombies of the Gene Pool. A lesser work, but still.

(Am concerned that apparently fangirls do not exist in the world of Night of the Living Trekkies. Let's hope that's just a constraint of the 2-paragraph format. Otherwise: HMPH.)


What about Deep Secret, by Diana Wynne Jones?


Continuing the mysteries-set-at-cons, Donna Andrews has We'll Always Have Parrots. The main character's boyfriend appears on a Hercules/Xena-esque kinda show, and she goes with him to a con for the show. Very fun and full of fanboy/fangirl hijinks.

Maureen E

I second Deep Secret, which is AWESOME.

Elaine Marie Alphin

I love Bimbos of the Death Sun and Murder at the ABA and Deep Secret - now I've got to check out Die for Love and We'll Always Have Parrots (love the punny name).


Yes! I was going to mention DEEP SECRET! It came to mind immediately.


Did *anyone* finish P&P&Z?

Tammy Dahle

I am also reading Dawn of the Dreadful right now-and enjoying way more than I thought I would. BTW I think turkeys are like the satan of birds I think your dog is very brave! LOL!

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