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18 March 2010


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R. J. Anderson

I know, I know, I KNOW.

James is a fabulous narrator -- and isn't Sullivan THE BOMB? I love him so much.

Definitely my favorite of all Maggie's books to date.


I agree in every particular. Man, I loved this book! And James. *swoon*

Jessica S.

I gave your blog an award over at my blog: http://jessica-agreatread.blogspot.com


I totally agree--I thought Lament was just fine, but Ballad--WOW!


Okay, I might have to go and read these now. Thanks for the review!


HAH. Now you see why I kept trying to force you to read it :D So glad you liked it!

Andrew Karre

This makes me happy. I loved working with Maggie on this. I'm honored to have my name in this book.


I 100% agree. I loved Lament, but Ballad was OMFG AWESOME! One of my faves, for sure.


Yay for books that make us fall in love with reading all over again!

I actually haven't read Ballad yet, but I think I've resisted picking it up because of the cover -- for me (a Canadian) the burning red maple leaf is kinda off-putting. Silly, I know, but I really had a strong gut reaction to that image.

Boy, I feel a bit foolish admitting that.... Ah well. I expect I'll get past it & be able to enjoy the book in due time. I've heard tons of good stuff about it!

Angela Hoffman

So glad to see the love for BALLAD and LAMENT spreading wider across the blogosphere! I loved both books immensely, and I'm a really picky reader. I really, really hope that Maggie continues this series once she's done working on all of her other books-in-progress.

Maureen E

I actually just finished Lament (talk about late) and ordered Ballad immediately. Can't wait!

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