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31 March 2010


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They look like Barbie dolls


Ooops.. I bumped the mouse and posted too soon.
The rest of my comment was that it's weird how many of us have this hateful obsession with Twilight. I loathe the whole thing but I can't leave it alone.

Brooke Shirts

My word, it's like Jasper's getting a serious case of Anime Hair. If it turns blue, watch out.


But Bella's hair seems to be super sleek and shiny. When will she be the face of something?


Jasper always looks ridiculous. Did he miss out on the "vampire sexy" gene?


APBW: It's totally weird -- I didn't even go to see New Moon, yet I continue to be fascinated by all of the all of the Twilight news. Maybe because it's so bananas? Are the Twilight moms still going strong?

I think Bella might be wearing a wig. Not that I think Kristen Stewart doesn't have good hair normally -- it just... doesn't look real in that third picture.

And, oh, good. I'm so glad to see that when you mouse over the picture I posted, the file name comes up. At least on my computer it does. How embarrassing.


Really, is it that hard to get decent looking hair on that poor boy? I didn't think hairstyling was akin to rocket science, but maybe I was mistaken.

And yes, in what universe does any family feel the need to dress alike whenever they have a group outing (unless their name is Gosslin)? It just makes them more ridiculous than they already are (but it provides ever so many laughs for us).


He is like the Storm on the X-Men Movies. They are not really sure what to do with his hair because I think his hair changes in each movie.


This has nothing to do with Twulight, but guess who is on page 90 of A Conspiracy of Kings? It just got AWESOME.

(And she dedicated it to Diana Wynne Jones. How neat is that?


I'm so jealous -- I haven't bought it yet! (And that's SO cool that MWT dedicated it to DWJ. I hadn't heard that.)


That's not Bella, though, is it? That's, what's her name, Esme (the only good thing about Bella's daughter's hideous name - it makes it easy to remember the names of the parent characters).

Wow. It looks like they were getting dressed and all decided they would dress only in variations of blue, grey, and black. I don't think they looked any less fake in New Moon than Twilight, and it looks like the same will be true of Eclipse.


No, if you click over to Facebook, there are a few others -- that's where you'll see the one that I'm talking about.

Yeah, it's so weird (and dare I say it -- LAME) that they have matching fighting gear. Oh, you know what? Alice probably picked out everyone's clothes for them.

Kelly Fineman

Perhaps that's Cullen camo?


I've heard the term "Blue Wall" before, I just didn't realize it referred to the style police.

Carlyle: "Be careful, my children. These other vampires are not like us. They're wearing Ed Hardy. And Crocs. They must be stopped."


Elizabeth -- LOL!!!

My students have FINALLY stopped reading the stupid books (in public, at least). There is something truly disturbing about 12-year-old boys reading sappy love stories about wimpy girls and sparkly guys.
Fortunately, our school library has lots of contests to get kids into reading all kinds of good books. Our books of the month have included Leviathan, SLOB, and soon The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet (and others, of course). Last month there was also a contest to win tickets to Alice in Wonderland for kids who'd read the book. So, basically, we've managed to convince kids that there are plenty of much better books out there for them.

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