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29 March 2010


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Lady in a Smalltown

Just read the synopsis you linked to, I hadn't heard of the book, and it sounds awful!

I just read Monica's review and commented on it. I hate when someone in Hollywood says, "Hey you know that book/movie/old TV show/commercial that people love? Let's remake it as a tv show/movie/Broadway musical. Audiences will love it. And while we're at it lets ruin it by not reading the source material, but just going on what we think we remember. And let's set it now, even though it is a period piece/war drama/time-period cliche."


This sounds bad bad bad. Really bad. At least the Rosie O'Donnell movie had Ole Golly still as her and Harriet was pretty much Harriet (same adventures as the book). But this. Oh my. Scary bad.


Oh, I couldn't even see the Rosie O'Donnell movie, either. Just. Could. Not. Nor the faux Fitzhugh sequel; I really wish other authors could learn to Leave Well Enough Alone. Or, in this case, leave Awesome alone.

This reminds me depressingly of the whole Ramona movie.

Della D. Marinis

As a big fan of the bold original since the age of nine, I, too am horrified by this adaptation, cannot bear the thought of a sequel and am glad to know there are others who also despised that older movie for being so very "wrong, wrong, wrong." How can Harriet have been twisted so? Did any of these people even glance at the illustrations?
Thanks for posting.


Plus, Louise Fitzhugh WROTE a sequel. Two sequels. Why do we even need this?


Aw, the Rosie O'Donnell movie wasn't bad. It moves the book into modern times and makes it more stylish, but it's basically Harriet and the plot is pretty much the same. It certainly wasn't like the Dark is Rising movie!

THIS thing, however. I refuse to even consider watching it. And I've never heard of that unauthorized sequel, and I don't want to read it, either; I'm very happy with my two official sequels (although I haven't actually read SPORT yet. I've been saving it).


In the first few pages of that fake sequel (which I picked up in a bookstore out of morbid curiosity) Harriet is worried about moving to a new place because "she'd never lived anywhere but the house where they lived now."
Which is not what the original book tells us.
I put it down quickly.
This blog one just sounds stupid.


Oh so disappointing. Louise Fitzhugh must be rolling her eyes where ever she is in the afterlife.

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