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25 March 2010


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Absolutely zero generalizations about YA as a whole. So let uncontrollable laughter ring out uncontrollably!



Ms Avery

Yay, more Twilight snark! This stuff never gets old. :D

(I'm a copy-editor IRL, and the line about traitor tears makes me break out in a cold sweat. Because seriously, if you were tired and/or pressed for time, and if -- hypothetically -- there were a lot of other mistakes to fix, you might just not notice something like that. And then, for the book to become such a massive best-seller, with everyone picking it apart and pointing out every little flaw... it's like being naked on stage!)

Ms Avery

(Uh... my cheering of the Twilight snark was still genuine, though, not sarcastic, in case that wasn't clear.)


Oh, totally. And, YES. While stuff like that is always funny, there is the (admittedly tiny) part of my cold, cold heart that feels bad about it -- mostly because the thought of being on the receiving end of the snark would make me want to barf. (Then again, I would -- hopefully -- be barfing while on my way to the bank to deposit all of my huge paychecks, so there's a bright side.)


well I know how I'm spending my lunch break. Can't wait to read these!


*gasp!* NPR!!!! and SNARK!? NEVER!~


I've been enjoying the NPR posts quite a bit. Extremely funny and quotable. The last one (I assume it is the last) discusses quality in terms of whether it is ok it is bad since it is written for teens. Which made me scratch my head, but I guess it goes hand in hand with people asking YA authors when they're going to write a real book.


"Sic the bunnies!" Hee!

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