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24 March 2010


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If this reminded you even the tiniest bit of Charmed Life I must go buy it immediately.


Only because early on CHARMED LIFE SPOILER I wondered if Rowena could have swiped Tamsin's powers END CHARMED LIFE SPOILER.

So it really wasn's DWJish at all, it was just that stray thought. And I may have just had Charmed Life on the brain anyway, as I have a copy on my bedside table at the moment.


This surprised the heck out of me -- it started quietly and I thought, "Okay." And then it picked up pace, and just bowled me over. Thanks for posting about it; I'm really behind in reviewing quite a few things, and this one was a good one.


I really like the idea of an "urban fantasy" continuum with Once a Witch at the light end and the Dresden Files at the gritty end. Would you mind plotting a few more points on it? I have been enjoying Kim Harrison, because I find Rachel Morgan so enjoyable, and Jim Butcher less so, because Harry Dresden is always grouchy. And the Anita Blake vampire hunter books are too grim for me. So, I suppose I prefer the mid-to-lighter end.

MIss Print

I love this book to pieces AND I also love the author to death besides *stops gushing*. It reminded me a lot of Graceling because of the symmetry between a person's Grace/Talent.


Rtboyce: Fun! I almost think it might have to be a web -- I'll play with it today.

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