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23 March 2010


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Adam W.

I bet this goes really well with your Activia!


Thanks for posting this! It looks like it would be amazing.


So, coconut oil is a solid fat, but is treated like an oil in recipes? I'm asking because I just ran into another recipe that I'd like to try that includes it and 1) it's the first time I've ever heard of it and 2) I hate coconut. A lot. Coconut's evil is only second to the evil that is Onion in my world. Liquid and solid fats obviously have different properties, especially when baking, so I was hoping you had some insight/experience as you've used coconut oil as to what the proper substitution might be.


It depends on the temperature -- it's a solid in the jar, but even if you put a bit in the palm of your hand, it melts. I've read that if the jar is in a warmish place, even, it's more melt-y. (Of course, being in Maine, I wouldn't know anything about being in a warmish place...)

ANYWAY, I don't know that much the chemistry -- I've been using it in the granola, obvs, and I used it in this fantabulous recipe (you'll note that she says to heat it until it's melted) -- foodsubs says you can use canola. Which is a liquid, as far as I know. But I'm guessing it would depend on the recipe.

More coconut for me, man. My father used to crack the things open and we'd just go to town on them.


Well, that's more info than I had, so thank you. I'm thinking substituting a nut oil should work in this particular case.


Cool. Let me know how it goes, if you get around to making whatever mysterious dish you're thinking about making!

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