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12 March 2010


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Maureen E

I have Gen on the brain, what with Conspiracy of Kinngs being 11 days from release and all, but I think he's more of a cult hero. I was happy to see the Fossils, but I would argue with Huck Finn. Also, no Laura Ingalls? Say what you will about Little House, she's a great character.


Yeah, queasy is about the only word for that...

And Sophie Hatter is totally my hero. I need to re-read that book. Like right now.

Tammy Dahle

I just want it to all go away....Bella, Edward, whatshisface....

Kelly Fineman

A rafter of turkeys - man, does learning things like that make me happy or what? (Happy is the right answer, btw.)

And yeah - the Eclipse trailer is a bit . . . nauseating. I agree with Cleolinda that it seems as if Edward and Jacob are thisclose to peeing on her to claim territory. Eww.


Or we should have the guy who did Pride and Prejudice and Zombie to rewrite the story. Kristin Stewart's acting is already done, they can just zap it into a new movie with technology.


Go, pup! That's so cute.


I was secretly hoping for that kind of ending too, especially since I am not looking forward to the possibility of Breaking Dawn being a movie. Sitting through that would just be painful beyond compare....

I would much rather have Lyra Belacqua from His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman on the brain or, say, Gen, than anything else - which lately has been true (did I mention that Conspiracy of Kings comes out in two days!!!). I have to say that I am oh so relieved that Bella is not on that list. Why with the book's popularity and all, I was seriously frightened that when I opened the link she would be there as #1. If she was, I was ready to throw my laptop across the room in frustration. Anne Shirley and Matilda Wormwood I can agree with though, I have always loved them, and Lyra is pretty incredible.

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