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25 March 2010


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Liz B

My review of this posts next week. Awesome book. And I hated the parents so, so, so much. I felt it should be called "Wait Till Dave Comes."

In the audio? Molly is the biggest tween drama queen EVER. I'm not sure how it comes across in the book but she is constantly in high drama/crying mode. My friend has a daughter this age and says "She's PMS'ing 24/7. I just wish she would enter puberty and get it over with."


I'm so glad I'm not alone in hating them -- what was the line? Something about "the only reason we moved to the country was so that we could Work On Our Art and not bother with you pesky kids"? Horrible, loathsome people.

I TOTALLY believe that Molly comes off as a huge drama queen in the audio, because that's exactly how she came off in the book -- she talks about how immature Heather is, but HOLY COW, she should look in a mirror. At one point she was afraid of COWS. COWS. In that instance, I couldn't fault Heather for her disdainful look.


Oh my lord, I loved this book so much when I was nine or ten. I need to find my copy, because obviously I didn't get the unintentionally hilarious dialogue. But I definitely hated the parents, too.


AHAHAHA!!! This was one of my favorite books way back when. I got it out of the Scholastic Book Club order form....ah, memories!

Liz B

What was also awesome was how the family backstory made no sense. Molly & Michael's father? Left, disappaeared, no one wondered at the trauma of that. Heather living with her grandmother -- who is never mentioned again, or visited, now that she lives with Dave & new wife. They move from the bad city house with no room to paint -- to a house with room to paint but now Heather & Molly share a room. Whahuh? Just how big was that Baltimore row house and why wasn't the extra room the studio?

Also? the obsession with combing hair. Molly's idea that sisters combed each others hair and Heather's mad tangle of curls mentioned over and over.

Also? What did the artsy fartsy folk do before the big "now we are arteests" move? So, so weird.


Yeah, when I was writing my (extremely long) synopsis, I sat here for, like, five minutes trying to remember what the deal was with their father. Glad to know that my memory isn't going along with my hearing and my phone skills!

And they moved into a church! I refuse to believe that there wasn't enough room there to cram Heather into her own space. Heck, Molly probably even would've preferred sleeping in the broom closet to rooming with her. But that wouldn't have allowed for some important plot points, so there you go.

Such a strange read. It made zero sense, yet I enjoyed it so, so much.


This is one of my favorite YA novels ever! I still remember how scared I was while reading it on the school bus in 4th grade. I too got it from a Scholastic Book Order and I still own it to this day -- complete with my really horrible elementary school era cursive signed name.


I think this book won the Rebecca Caudill award when I was in fourth grade - I preferred A Murder for Her Majesty and I remember being very upset when my class chose this book for our teacher to read aloud to us instead!

Heather Z.

Wow, now this book brings back serious memories. You know the thing I never got? Why are so many angry ghosts named Heather? Happened in here, and again in Meg Cabot's Mediator series. It makes me think my name is a bit jinxed (we won't even get into the "Heathers" movie). Maybe I should write a short story with a happy ghost named Heather, combat the negative stigma. Heather, the friendly ghost. Wait... :)


Well yall are used to the old copy but it came out with a new revised one that is wayy better. :)


what are some twist or ironys in the story?


I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!I have lagitly read this book 3 times! ITs purty amazing!

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