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31 March 2010


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Such a rubbish idea (her book not yours about donating and reading for free). If she was going to write a prequel could it not be about one of the hot, but neglected male leads, or Alice? (Yes I'm a confirmed love-hater of Twi things).


I heard about it first here!! Thanks!! Now I can help Haiti through Stephenie Meyer instead of Bono! Awesommmmmmme!!!!


Someone died in Eclipse? Wow, I so don't remember. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I remember much of anything about Eclipse. I'm OK with that.


Maybe I'll just donate to Heifer International and skip reading a Twilight spin-off altogether.


Hey, hon, could I do that, and not read the book?
That sounds like more my speed. Go KIVA!


The Great Read: Stephenie Meyer Version? I AM THERE.

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