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21 April 2010


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Are Vietnamese Spring Rolls (AKA Fresh Rolls) not the most happiness-inspiring invention? Notwithstanding the broccoli in your hair (!) I ate those three or four times during the week before Christmas -- but it's hard to do them for a group. They start eating, and you never stop making them. They're habit forming. But, it's a good habit. I just got three packages of the lovely wrappers, and some more cilantro... sigh.

I love that someone else's misspent youth was filled with DooL...


They really, really are. After writing that post I rolled some up for lunch. Sadly, the mint on the side of our lawn got destroyed when the road got paved last year, but I'm going to plant some (in a pot -- an entire lawn of mint might be a tad much) and then I'll be good to go.

I have to admit to skipping a few classes in college due to Days... the Kristen years were rather wonderful.

Adam W.

#1 OMG I have never seen the original, now with Eileen Davidson I'll have to,

#2 I am about to get the new Sorority Row on Blu-ray (It has Rumer Willis and Carrie Fisher, how could I not?) - you and the Repub should come over and watch it this weekend.


Thank you so much for posting that trailer. I'm a hardlovin' bad horror film fan girl and must see this one!

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