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06 April 2010


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Oh Em Gee what the Ef barbecue! Yadamean?

Seriously though, I didn't particularly care for this book, and your review basically listed all the reasons why.


Oh Em Gee, THANK YOU. I read that line and was like, "WHAT? WHAT????"


They didn't talk like that in Wake and Fade did they? This one was just really... after school special-y.


I am SOOO glad you posted this! I have felt like the only person who did not fall in love with these books. I had to go back and pick up Wake again after much prodding because I just didn't like (and I'm so annoyed it somehow made it onto our state book award list for next year, when some very awesome books did not!) I felt the whole series was after-school specialy and I never really felt the romance-especially in this one. They never talked to each other, just brooded. And the whole thing with them working for the cops? I wanted to throw the book across the room-so corny! I could go on, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for making me realize I am not alone!:)


Jennie: I don't remember it striking me so much in the first two books, but they may have...

Sarah: Yeah. It's always hard to be in the minority with the massively popular books -- and so it's always a relief to learn that you aren't alone! (I'm including myself in that, of course -- it's always good to know that there are SOME people who find out about my occasional literary contrariness and don't start sharpening their pitchforks!)


I read Wake not knowing what to expect and liked it. Fade was okay but certainly didn't think it was as good as Wake(so much brooding!) After checking out reviews on Goodreads and seeing what you wrote, it's a duet for me.


A lot of my co-workers read YA and really enjoyed Wake. I thought it was just okay. Fade didn't work for me. I thought Janie working for the cops was pretty cool. It was the party that did me in, it was so far from believable.


I'm so glad someone else didn't like this book. I liked the first one just fine, the second book ruined both of them for me enough that I had no desire to read the third. You just explained exactly why. Thank you!


LOL oh my, can I just say how much I loved your review and couldn't help but giggle and nod my head through it?

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