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16 April 2010


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I thought my cataloging classes were the most mind-numbingly boring classes I took during my two years in grad school - thankfully, the actual job is not nearly so boring, or I'd be a very unhappy right now. Good luck with your class!


Yay, you!
I have to say that the whole cataloging thing is the one thing that scared me out of thinking I'd like to be a librarian... but, it's probably just as well, since I'm somewhat dyslexic and misfile things anyway.


Whoops, that "very unhappy person," lol.

The best signage my library has come up with so far is the stuff that uses our circulation students in the accompanying images. People still don't pay attention to them, but at least Circ has a reputation as a fun area to work in.

Maureen E

5 is just awesome. Also 9.

I do like the way my library does the "Don't reshelve" signs--we explain that we count the materials. I have to admit that I never used to pay attention to that bit before.


A bit over twenty years ago, I saw my favorite library sign in a college library in Oklahoma. It was neither passive-aggressive nor even particularly elegant, but that the second statement (OK, sentence fragment) in the sign was even required blew my mind. It read: "No food or drink in the library. No chewing tobacco or spitting in the library."

Lisa Yee

I especially loved #17.


#9 and #17 are my faves! I can't believe that headphone cord chewing would be that much of a problem. :)


Headphone chewing is a MAJOR problem! And I couldn't believe it, either, when I started working in libraries. Our headphones don't get stolen, they get _consumed_. I don't know why none of the Special Snowflakes have been electrocuted yet. . . .

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