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23 April 2010


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Aw! I love the Michael Penn! Resigned is probably one of my top 10 of all time. That said I find it funny that just last night I went on my Heathcliff is a tool rant.
Also he's a Penn so don't kick him too hard he might kick back! ;)


Is that why he looks so familiar? I thought it was because he looks a bit like Ryan Howard on The (American) Office. Yeesh, if he's related to THOSE Penns, I totally won't kick him! And despite its earworm qualities, I have an affection for the song.

Glad that you're another believer in the Heathcliff Is A Tool gospel!


Uh oh. What does it say about me if I *would* dance with Heathcliff? Maybe I need to do some soul-searching.
Wouldn't dance with Romeo, though. Pretty sure it would be illegal in most states anyway.


Dancing with him might be somewhat safe... getting romantically involved with him, though, wouldn't be a good idea.


Heee! Leila. Your trials so amuse me. Earworm Station plays only the most annoying 90's pop, does it not? D. is lifting a lighter in this song's honor as we speak.


Heathcliff is a tool. And Michael Penn is the brother of those other Penns.
And he's married to Aimee Mann, which makes me love him. I like that song, despite Romeo & Heathcliff.


I have never met Michael Penn (though I have his first two cds) but I have met Patrick Warren, his soo handsome and humble keyboard player (he is in the backround in the video), who has played on everyone's albums from Ani Di Franco to Bruce Springsteen.

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