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05 April 2010


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I JUST wrote her a note the other day. I'd never done it before because I'm too nervous about sounding like an idiot! But she's my very favorite author ever so I did.

Floating Lush

!!!!!!!!!! :(

OMG, she's only my favoritest author EVER and I had no idea. I am a bad bad person, and I will write her a note today when I get home from work. (And now I will try not to cry for the remainder of my reference shift.)


You can also send an email message through the lady who runs her fan website (I did that yesterday). The details are here:


I was so sad to hear she was ill (cancer so totally sucks). I've just read her latest book and reread "Howl's Moving Castle" on Easter Sunday, so learning she was ill was a bit of a gut punch.


This is the universe throwing me the opportunity to atone for my not sending my letter to George Harrison out on time, isn't it. Make way, to-do list! Must think of something to say that isn't drivel...


I just reread her story "the Girl Jones" in Mixed Magics and fell in love with her all over again (and then I had to go and reread "A Plague of Peacocks" because Daniel Emmanuel is maybe my favorite character of hers ever.

Laura Lutz

This is a lovely post - I'm sad to hear that she's ill.

As an FYI, the address for Greenwillow has changed. It is:

10 E. 53rd St.
New York, NY 10022


I just checked the Harpercollins website, and it looks to me like children's author mail still goes to the 1350 address, no?

Greenwillow Books

We are happy to forward mail to Diana. Please note. This is our correct address:

Greenwillow Books
10 E. 53rd St.
New York, NY 10022

Thank you.


Cool -- thanks for the correction! I'll change it in the post.


This is so, so sad. I love her work--some of my favorite childhood books, yet I enjoyed re-reading them just as much as an adult. Thanks for the info...


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