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27 April 2010


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...haven't had a good grilled cheese in ages. After having this, I probably still would not have had a good grilled cheese, although 13 different cheeses is certainly a worthy effort. I would very much like to know what the "fried" is, with which it is served.

Christy (A Good Stopping Point)

Wow, I think I would eat some of that, but I'd slow down early. Tanita, I think it's a typo for 'fries.'


This is exactly the sort of thing that sounds better than it looks. The description makes me want one; the picture... not so much.


LOL. That's awesome! I subscribe to the "This is why your fat" blog because some of that stuff is wild. I didn't realize they made a book.

Oh and (slightly) big fan of that grilled cheese. One nibble...

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