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23 April 2010


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That's what I thought too in regards to Veronica. I wonder what happened with that storyline...I bet wikipedia knows.

As for an openly gay student at Riverdale High - it's about time.


Oh, yeah. I should check Wikipedia.

Re: the rest of it: Right? The quote from the CEO about how Riverdale has always been a safe place for everyone and blah blah blah kind of make me think, "Oh, really? Then why is a gay character only showing up now, in 2010?" But then I thought that maybe I was just being crotchety.


You're confused? Who the heck is Valerie?


She's one of the Pussycats. The bassist, I think.

Pat McCaffrey

I think that the marriage storyline took place in the future...allowing the characters to go back to their regular lives in the issue that followed the marriage issue.


more offensive than a gay character--the 'sly' reference to a threesome in the last panel of the cartoon.


In case my post and following comments were unclear: I don't find the idea of a gay character even remotely offensive -- I was just surprised that it took so long for someone to come out in Riverdale. (Since the CEO of the company made such a big point of how Riverdale is such a safe, open place, etc.)

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