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16 April 2010


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Miss Julie

I enjoyed the Luxe books, but, yeah, I had to really turn off my brain to enjoy them (the failure of continue the "girl in the army" storyline from book 3 to 4 was particularly vexing to me).


"Teddy Cutting is overseas because he enlisted after Elizabeth turned down his 47th marriage proposal. She's still massively pregnant with her dead true love's baby and her much-older husband continues to be insanely understanding and supportive and gentle . . ."

This is one of those paragraphs that makes me think, "And I can't even get a date."



I read the first one, skimmed the second and the third but I read Splendor in one sitting. :) It was fun to see how it all tied up. It was very silly but it was a GREAT junk food read in between some heavy hitters for me.

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