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16 April 2010


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Oh, wow...
That's the most generic, saccharine stuffed, Beautiful People pandering vomitrotious book-to-film remake that I've seen... today.

SUCKS. So hard.


I say go rewatch the Sarah Polley tv series instead.


What the hell?? Why not just call it something else!!??? Why pretend for even a second that it's anything to do with Beezus & Ramona? It certainly didn't look like any book of theirs I ever read. Blech.
Ooh! Thanks Rachel! I didn't know about that series! I love Sarah Polley. :)


Could they have at least attempted to put it in the right time period?

Uhg. Never mind.


Oh my god. I don't have the words to describe how horrible this is.


it sucks but, having a little girl, I am glad to see anything with a little girl as the central character. Freaking Hollywood ignores girls unless they are doing a Hannah Montana gig.


Man, that's awful. A librarian got me hooked on the Henry Huggins books (I was a paperboy, I think that was her logic in having me read them) and I did eventually read some of the Ramona books. I can only dimly recall them now, but they were nothing like this, which feels as generic as any other kids movies out there. Bleah.

Gail Handler

Well, the trailer sucks but the passive-aggressive library signs are hysterical!!!


This is why I insist on always reading a book before seeing a movie. Sometimes they sort of get it, sometimes they totally don't get it, sometimes they ruin it completely. From that trailer it is the latter. As an ardent lover of Ramona I will completely avoid this.

movie buzz

Ugh... I just found out about this yesterday and it nearly made me cry. Selena Gomez as Beezus?! Are they completely trying to desecrate these beloved books? And that King girl? Wacky? Sorry, I'm not reserving judgment, I'm judging like mad. This is just sad.

Jennifer in GA

All right, I just got back from seeing Ramona and Beezus. I was on the fence, mainly because I too hated the trailer, but my almost 12 yr old and 10 1/2 yrd old daughters wanted to see it. I'm HUGE fan of the books- staples of my childhood, and I still reread them now that I'm a 30-something ault.

The movie stayed absolutely true to the spirit of the books. Obviously it's not a page by page adaptation, but they (the director, screenwriter, actors, etc) really, REALLY GOT IT. You can tell there is a lot of love for the source material.

The Beezus and Henry subplot it really miniscule in the context of the movie as a whole. And while I usually hate Selena Gomez (mainly because her Disney show is so stupid) she was really lovely and charming in the movie.

The trailer doesn't do the movie justice at all, which is a shame because it really was adorable.

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