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23 April 2010


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Fever Crumb! Eeeee! I love that book! I'm feeling accomplished, I've never usually read any of the shortlist. And awww man some of my favourites on the Greenaway. Hurrah!


That is nice! Although we totally lucked out on the Fever Crumb cover - I would never pick that one up.


That Fever Crumb cover is just awful awful awful...
The Chains cover is good, when comparing it to similar titles (as if there were really any similar titles!), but I still really like the American cover. I think it has a really graphically fresh look, yet isn't weirdly anachronistic. Plus, that UK cover is their 2nd shot at it! The hardcover image was a little lackluster (again, compared to the American.).



jess and dotdotdot: It's it TERRIBLE? (Fever Crumb, I mean.) BLECCH!!

And, yes, I do like the American cover of Chains as well -- much more than the UK hardback, which is just a little too... red... for me. It hurts my eyeballs. But I think that the UK pb really invites grabby hands to, er, grab it.

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