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11 May 2010


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Oh, hamburgers. I just almost passed out.

A.S. King

My eyes! They burn!
Why do I follow links called Gahhhhh? Why?

Elizabeth D.

Oh dear god, help us all!


I believe I may have just thrown up a little in my mouth after reading that article. I'm not even sure I can pronounce "Intoxibel las." La-s? Like fa la la? Lass?



Well, I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one who felt like vomiting.

Maybe this is just a horrible, horrible collective hallucination.


Gah indeed.


Not only have authors/publishers ruined vampires for me, they are now attempting to ruin the whole YA genre. Great.


Oh WHYYYYYYY? I do believe this ruined my entire day. Thanks Tyra Banks, thanks.

reader and writer

The link says her book is a "A concept that marries Harry Potter and MODELS." Are you effing kidding me?

I can only imagine a real-live YA writer pitching that book -- no excuse me, SERIES. Editors and agents would be laughing their butts off. "...No, seriously, this disillusioned writer pitched me her MODEL book and says it's like Harry Potter!..."

Why do I want to stab my eyes out right now??? I'm ashamed of Delecorte, frankly. I mean, come ON!

Brooke Shirts

"Modelland"?!? I'm guessing it's not pronounced "Mo-DELL-land," but that's what most people will say when they see it. Terrible.


That's an Onion article, right? RIGHT?!?!?


Aggggg. I even like ANTM and this STRESSES ME OUT. (Thanks for posting it though. It's good to be informed.)


So Tyra read Harry Potter and then she read Uglies and, for some reason, she decided that what was needed was for the two series to have a baby and, noble creature that she is, Tyra decided to offer her brain as surrogate womb for this conception?

Jackie Parker



Hmmm....it seems that I have traveled back in time and this is April 1. YESSS! The flux capacitor worked!
*steps away from the laptop to consult a calendar*
(I'll be back)


Noooooo, say it ain't so.


Modelland? What was Delacorte Press thinking?

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