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07 May 2010


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Thank you for reminding me that there are other people in the world who still remember Moxy Fruvous....*sigh* I miss them so much. :)


Ugh. Jian Ghomeshi. I liked my world so much better before he invaded CBC Radio as an on-air personality.


Well, I have not the CBC Radio, so I can't share an opinion on that one -- but Fruvous-wise, Murray was always my favorite.


I also love "My baby loves a bunch of authors."


I don't know you, but we must have had a mind meld recently. I have been listening to my old mp3 player which has a "Fruvous Playlist" consisting of all their albums. As I've been rocking out, all I keep thinking is...I wish I had Green Eggs & Ham. Although, not the version from their cassette that came out. I prefer the live version. I wish those boys would do a reunion. I figured Jian would get over himself after a couple of months and they'd go out on their "What Were We Thinking?" tour, but I guess not. I still think they are the best band I've seen live.


thats one hell of a name

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