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24 May 2010


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Yes - this one was a great MG read, and I enjoyed not knowing where the switch-ups were going to land me, plotwise. I'm glad there's a sequel.


THAT is exactly how I feel about the cover! My eyeballs spin. You are so wise.


I just read this as an e-book, on my phone... and then went to the bookstore and bought a copy just specifically so I could lend it to my mother. (That is a big drawback on e-books - not being able to share the book with others.)


I booktalked this to my homeschooler group last month and they all wanted to take it home. Yay for Savvy!


I thought, in many ways, this way even better than The Graveyard Book. As soon as it came out in paperback I bought a copy. Absolutely loved it!


I know, right? Sometimes when everybody and their mother gushes, it's because it really is that good.

Scumble is news to me (is it made of mostly apples?), so I'm really excited to hear about it!


So pumped for SCUMBLE! Apparently it comes out this summer...like August-ish.

Julia Gulia

Scumble comes out in August. I've received an advanced reading copy, and it's fantastic. If you loved Savvy you will love this as well (and if you haven't read Savvy you have TWO books to love).

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