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13 May 2010


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Jessie Seymour

Leila! You should know by now that all puns are made with heavy sarcasm.
Speaking of great contributions I've made to your life, when are we going to see those sweet posters on here?


No amount of sarcasm could make that pun in any way okay.

And those sweet posters are totally going to make their way here soon -- I just have to bring them in to the library to scan them! (Eventually, some of them are going to get framed, because they are just too, too cool to be hidden away any longer.)

Melissa (Book Nut)

Much-needed laugh. Thank you.

Kate P

I can't figure out how to give you a trackback, but I referenced this post. That is hilarious.

(I have been following your blog for a few months but I think this might be my first comment.)


Well, welcome, Kate -- and don't worry about trackbacks. (I don't know how they work, either!)


Oh, how I love The Oatmeal. I would put these posters up in a classroom (and then probably get stern-faced visits from the school board). We had an English teacher who used to make us chant, at the beginning of each semester "A" (clap) "Lot!" Also, in college, a professor had a stamp made that simply stated It's = It is.

These are some of the reasons I am no longer teaching English. The whole hemorrhoid kicking thing ...


Thank you! Love the "definitely" one!


as a writer, editor, and all-around curmudgeon, you don't know how much i appreciated this. when i see "effect" when they mean "affect," or "it's" when it should be possessive "its" i want to take these "writers" whose work i must edit and feed them (and their crappy manuscripts) to the wolves.

here, here.

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