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28 June 2010


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My sister and I came to the conclusion that Lady Gaga has a severe allergy to pants. It's the only explanation.


Oh, Gaga. Blurg.


1. I don't get the Lady Gaga thing at all.
2. I really don't get the "no pants" thing at all - and I wish someone would explain to me when looking this cheap became cool.


That right butt cheek is way photoshopped. And I love how small the type is on the "Obama's General" story is.


I don't think can recall a woman on a Rolling Stone cover where she weren't half nekkid.

A Faithful Canadian Reader

Wow ... if this does not perfectly illustrate Lacan's theories about psychoanalysis of film, then I don't know WHAT does. Wow. Just, wow.

Arlene Allen

Lady Gaga is actually quite talented - why she has to protitute herself remains a mystery. But maybe Misrule's comment about women on the cover of Rolling Stone solves it. Women's equality in America...really?


I'm fuddy-duddying right along with you. Yuck.

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