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23 June 2010


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Tim Gerolami

I only missed one, because I knew the adaptation and didn't think of the fact that someone had to write it.


Was it the Hitchcock one?


I only missed one too! Question #5.

Tim Gerolami

That would be the one, Leila.

Jim Randolph

I only missed one as well. Now I want to re-read all my Dahl stories. Love the Uncle Oswad stuff...


Tim: It's funny, because while I'm very aware of that episode, I'm positive that I've never actually seen it.

Jim: YES. Love My Uncle Oswald.


Got 'em all! But I don't think I've ever read the story about the pilot being shot down in the desert. That actually happened to him and he wrote about it in his war autobiography, Going Solo, so I thought they were perhaps including that.

P.S. For anyone while likes WWII autobiographies, Going Solo is AMAZING. It's in my top 3.


I got an 11/12. How I did that, I have no idea, since I have not seen most of those movies, nor have I read much, if any, Dahl.


I always thought Dahl was rather horrific.

Michelle B.

Followed the link from your blog and I must know my Dahl and my horror movies!

***Roald Dahl Story or Horror Film? ***

Score: 100% (12 out of 12)


Great blog by the way!

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