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25 August 2010


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I . . . wha?

April (Books&Wine)

I am pretty sure that is a terrible list of follow up to Mockingjay books. WTF. Amelia Bedelia absolutely does not belong on that list. I was wondering where the YA books were on the list. Also, where was Chaos Walking or Maze Runner or The Forest of Hands And Teeth. You know, books that somewhat relate. It's like he just jumbled up some books in a hat, and those are the books he pulled out.

Beth Kakuma-Depew

Clearly they wanted a fluff piece on Mockingjay, and used someone who hasn't read a "children's" book in 25 year. So sad...


This list seemed more like a walk down memory lane for the creator of that list than books that would actually interest someone who had just finished the Hunger Games and was looking for something similar to read. I agree with April - where are the dystopic books?


Ooh, now I know how Mockingjay ends! Katniss bakes everyone a lemon meringue pie, and the evil government forgives her and everyone has a good laugh!


Just... no. On the other hand, he does link to a list with some very good booklists (like Cybils winners.)


Agreed. Clearly a horrible article.


Great, now I'm so going to have dreams that involve a cross-over between Superfudge and Hunger Games. I think Fudge would survive fairly well.

Jacqueline Cook

Hmm . . . you're not missing anything, but they definitely are.

Emily CC

Hahaha! Oh goodness, clearly this person is....confused to say the least. I'm only three chapters in to Mockingjay, and I'm pretty sure it won't turn into Amelia Bedelia in the next three hundred pages.


Also: Superfudge. Superfudge? I realize that's a few years closer to the age range than Amelia B., but can you imagine handing a teenage who just devoured Mockingjay and wants more of the same SUPERFUDGE?


It looks like the list devolved into "books I remember liking as a kid." Not exactly the writing assignment. As if they couldn't find someone willing to do a little more research for this article!


Ridiculous! I could have come up with a similar list by randomly grabbing anything off the children's shelves at the library.
How on Earth? I mean, really! I shake my head in disgust.



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