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11 August 2010


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Auntie M.

I say undies. In the fifth picture, you can see that they are gathered at the top--presumably to an elastic waistband.


I would have to concur. They look like his underwear. NEVILLE!


Agreed. He appears to be wearing Union Jack boxers. And now I feel really dirty for staring at Neville's underwear/crotch area so intently. Thanks Leila!


Yes, yes they are


Yeah, I'd say union jack boxers. What a nice way to show your patriotism there, Matt.
Actually, with the little bitty sweater and the jeans that don't fit, it appears he had a little trouble dressing himself for this event. He looks much better in the baseball photos that follow.


Yup those are definitely Union Jack pants. I have to disagree with Apaperbackwriter, he looks very hip and stylish.


Totally underoos.


OMG. Neville! Pull you your pants! You are doing an exhibition with KIDS!

(Insert obligatory joke about how we don't want it to be *that* kind of exhibition.)

Kelly Fineman

Ooh! It's Marky Mark Longbottom! Those are TOTALLY his undawears. Also - when did he get hot? That is just so . . . I dunno. Weird, I guess.


I love that the entire cast seems to be benefitting from their post-Potter hair cuts.


Okay, good. I'm glad that I wasn't besmirching his name... er, in my head.

Also, how hilarious is the word underpants? Love it.


To each her own, Wendy, but I still think that a handsome young man like Matt -- and indeed, anybody else -- tends to look better in clothes that actually fit.
(Now, a nice-looking chap in JUST the Union Jack boxers might be just fine. But not at an event with children.)

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