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09 August 2010


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I am so excited for you!
I read your original post on this and went to the website. Unfortunately for me, it's during the school year, so there's no freakin' way I could take that time off. Thus, I am cheering for you.


Yay! Good luck! I SO wanted to apply, but didn't think I could swing the time off work, etc. I'll live vicariously through you. *fingers crossed*


I really do hope you get to do this -- it would be SUCH a fun experience to blog and you could maybe make those literary/museum pairing suggestions to someone who might listen.


Thanks, guys -- though after seeing some of the videos that other people submitted, I rather think that my chances are minimal.

Ah, well! Like I said, I'm just glad that I got my crap together in time to send it out!

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