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17 August 2010


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I thought everyone was over them until I saw a preview for Vampires Suck. Which, judging by the previews, parodies ONLY Twilight.

Christy (A Good Stopping Point)

I am apparently not sick of them either. They're kind of addictive.


And see -- I kept watching it. All the way to the end.
'Cause I'm sick like that.

::traumatized shudders::


I admit it -- when she jumped on his back and he ran away with her and the chicken... I laughed. Out loud.


I'm not a country music person, at all. This was freaking hilarious though. XD

David T. Macknet

Deeply disturbing, crossing so many boundaries it's not even funny. Kinda like it that the fat guy's the hero in the end ... dunno what to make about country music edging towards rap, there. Perhaps that's why the music was tolerable? :)

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