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24 August 2010


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Oy. I got 100% but I did guess on like 2-3 of them, guess I got lucky!


LOL. I got 90%, too!


I only got a 50%. In my defense, I can't eat any of these (vegan) and have never had a few of them. I once had a dream that PayDay was vegan, which was funny because I could have chosen any candy (it was a dream after all), but I chose one that I've never had.


I got 80%. I was slightly offended when they broke out the kitkat. Nothing else looks like a kitkat.


Yeah got a 100....


I got a 50%. I failed on the 3 Musketeers thinking it was a Milky Way.


I got 60%...I too mixed up the Milky Way and 3 Musketeers, and I also confused the 100 Grand and Whatchamacallit.


I confused the Whatchmacallit and the Zero. I never had either one of them, but I'm still embarrassed I was able to identify the rest.


I got 100%, but I had to wake my daughter up and ask her if Butterfingers have square edges or rounded edges.

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