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18 August 2010


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*sigh* This showdown has just highlighted how behind I am on reading.


Well, you do have a very good excuse.


Sorry, I'm with Katniss all the way.

Maureen E

ARGH! This is going to be one of those nail-biters where I keep refreshing frantically and panicking the whole-time.

Come on, Gen!


Nicole: Ah, well, it was worth a try! (And I love her, but I love Gen more.)

Maureen: YES!


As much as I adore Katniss, I'm pulling for Gen all the way.


But I ALREADY voted for Gen! ...oooh, but not from THIS computer...

(FWIW, I admit I was hesitant to decide this one. Both characters are so Must-Always-Win-Because-That's-What-They-DO. But yeah, Gen probably can outsmart her).

Maureen E

Okay, this thing is seriously wild. First Gen was way ahead (60% at one point today) and he's been slowly falling behind. Katniss briefly took the lead, but now Gen is climbing back. And it doesn't end until 9 pm tomorrow! I may have died at that point. Fortunately Sounis will keep me entertained no matter what.


Absurd. Gen would of course win. Of course he would probably win by doing crafty things to win Katniss over to his point of view, rather than killing her, but that still counts. I am not sure how I will feel if it comes down to Howl and Gen though...


If Gen doesn't win in the poll, I'm sure he's got a plan up his sleeve and will triumph in the end. It's all part of the illusion of weakness he's creating.


Gen won it all!

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