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15 September 2010


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I could have sworn Nancy Reagan wrote a children's book, but no, 3 books all adult.


Yeah, I was surprised I didn't find one, but I didn't do an extensive search. Or even check Wikipedia.


As far as I'm concerned, when you start with lesbian romance novels, as Lynne Cheney did, you're allowed to write anything.

(The hours I've spent in used bookstores, hoping to find a copy of "Sisters"!)


Are you saying "Portraits of Courage" by JFK wasn't a children's book, or was it not done while he was President?


Snoogle . . . Fleejer . . . ?


Rachel: I was working in the bookstore when that story hit the mainstream -- man, everybody wanted it! You've never managed to track a copy down?

And re: the JFK: I hadn't thought back that far, hope! The version of it that I'm familiar with is just under 300 pages long, and won the Pulitzer for history, which suggests 'adult book' to me. (The Pulitzer, not the page count, I mean.) I haven't read it, though, so I can't really judge.


My good Catholic friends were obliged to read it as children. I don't know what that says about it, though.

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