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03 September 2010


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Emily CC

hee hee! A camel? I'm going to to start tossing in random animals when complaining about people. "Oh, that professor drives me crazy. He reminds me of a hippopotamus."


I thought that was funny, too! Are camels ornery and stubborn like donkeys, maybe? That was the only explanation I could think of...


Remember the opening of Matilda, when he talks about how fun it would be to give horrible teacher's reports to the parents of obnoxious children? Perhaps this is where he got the inspiration. "But unlike the iceberg she has absolutely nothing below the surface."


He reminds me of a camel?

Does he spit? Go long periods of time without drinking? Does he have humps on his back? I NEED TO KNOW!

Jim A

Roald Dahl is an anagram for A LARD HOLD. A camel's hump is mound of fat. The connection is perfectly clear.

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