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29 September 2010


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Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

I know I'm not supposed to care but DAMN IT ALL! (That would be the frustrated writer within me speaking, of course.)


And it's not even a memoir! IT'S A NOVEL!


Wait, let me check my Bible...yes, yes. It's right here in Revelations: the fourth horseman is described as orange skinned with a mane that reaches ridiculous heights and the IQ of a cotton ball and will ride through the sky (I'm interpreting that as airwaves) with death, destruction and way, way more than her alloted 15 minutes! The end is near

Tammy Allen

This summer I took my daughter to Seaside, which is where I spent my summers when I was younger. I took my daughter to get on a ride and there was Snooki, already on the ride. When my daughter got on the ride she went to go sit in the same seat Snooki had been in - I told her that she needed to switch seats until someone came along with the disinfectant.

Calamity Jane

Stuff like this must lead struggling talented writers to near madness.
It's so idiotic...

Brooke Shirts

To paraphrase Steve Martin: "If you are a T.V. showing a picture of Snooki touting her new book deal, and you are in the same room with an angry unpublished poet holding a sledgehammer -- watch out."



Venn Diagram Win

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