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03 September 2010


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LOL! I am cracking up. Love it just love it. (Yes, he does have a pedo look going).


YESSSS - Beach sweaters. Didn't you know? All the rage. His expression says, "Come hither, discover what is under my hot hot poncho. My friend might show you what's under his striped dress."

Adam W.

Wow, I'm pretty sure two of the pics on the cover are of Cybil Shepard! She used to model back then...what year is it from??

Jim A

Looks like it would have been more appropriate for poncho guy to be wearing the "Love Vest."


Ohhhh, the pain.
The man SANS PANTS is who scares me the most. At least Ponchy Guy had the decency to ... I don't know, muu-muu-ify himself.

Kelly K

I love this booklet! Someone gave me a bunch of yarn and knitting/crochet stuff, and this gem was in there. I told my husband I was going to make him the striped shirt, and he looked at me like I was crazy!


Yeah...the blonde dude's um...tunic...is definitely the top of my list of bad (although, it's really a bit like trying to choose just one kind of chocolate ice cream, if that makes sense. It doesn't? I need more caffeine.) I have no problem with guys wearing dresses, and a good-looking bohemian type can look positively yummy in a sarong...but if you are wearing something short enough that there's a possibility of junk displays (especially if you are playing vollyball! Seriously man!) then you really need to re-think either the length of the piece of attire or possibly wearing PANTS. Or, if you are really digging the pseudo-medieval look you've got going, throw on some tights. Just...something. Anything. I'm going to go get more caffeine now.


Sweater guy's totally my favorite. Also, I love that just in case the guy's striped tunic/dress wasn't short enough, they needed to add a slit.

Also, the volleyball cracks me up for some reason...


Oh... just... oh. That is so horrifying!!

But not *quite* as horrifying as this:

Tell me it isn't creepy how that kid is touching the pie. And why is she baking/serving pie in a ski mask anyway?!?

Also, I have some Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn and it is the scratchiest, most obnoxious acrylic yarn I've ever seen! ...Perfect for a day at the beach, apparently.

Brooke Shirts

I, for one, am puzzling over the "bottle covers." They have two parts, a top and a bottom, did you notice? So you can pull the poodle's head off when serving wine at your classy dinner party?

I'm just envisioning a fancy silver ice bucket with a bunch of poodle-covered bottles of champagne sprouting from its top.

Or is this intended to hide all the vodka you'd need to get through the beach sweater project?


This is the freakin' funniest thing I've seen all day. Oh my heck! I am SO glad you posted this.
Now, I don't usually like to promote my own blog on other people's blogs, but I did do a post a few months ago that makes a lovely companion piece to these -- uh -- "charming" little beachwear numbers.
Here 'tis:

My other thought is that I hope they paid these young men very well for this. And thank heaven it was in the days before their friends could post it all over facebook and make them wish they'd stuck with waiting tables instead of taking crappy knit-pattern modeling jobs.


My eyes!


I want to make those slippers!

Robin Doermann

I'll bet this stuff was totally the American Apparel of the 60's.

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