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01 September 2010


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But there would be more Jacob angst if this actually happened...sorry that's not a good reason for something so insane is it.


I loved the dragon/human imprinting in Anne McCaffrey's dragon books back when I was a teen, and it didn't bother me much back then that if two dragons mated, their human partners had no choice but to mate. Skeeves me out more now, despite my nostalgic love for the series.

But this is so, so much wronger and weirder, because of the adult/baby imprinting. Eewwww.

Beth Kakuma-Depew

Didn't Stephanie Meyer say she was tired of writing vampires? Let's all hope she's working on her sequel to Host. (this post scares me....)


I agree, that creeped me out. I think Renesmee and Nahuel would be better. Jacob can die alone. Imprinting on a newborn. (and the daughter of the girl he pledged his love for, even worse!) That's just sick. D=

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