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23 September 2010


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When I first heard about this book I thought it might be mildly interesting, but after reading a few reviews I now have NO interest in reading it. Oh well.

Totally want to see Jekyll, btw! I love Moffat's Sherlock Holmes adaptation, and people keep telling me Jekyll is really good, too. So!


Yeah - I looked this one over and decided to pass. I am still not over Fantaskey ruining the ending of Dating on the Dark Side for me. My niece and I discussed it just last week - she had a rather violent reaction and mentioned wanting to smack the author... It has some very amusing dialogue, but it, too, gets a bit overwrought and then ends just ridiculously.

I, too, was feeling the eye-poking-vampire action, and so can't really tell you why I volunteered for Cybs SFF again... It's a sickness, I guess.

Brooke Shirts

Okay, this book sounds like it has problems, but am I allowed to give a few congratulatory props to whoever decided to create a book cover that features a pretty girl WEARING GLASSES?

It's just not something I see much of, so . . . yay.

Gillian Hall

The paragraph of Tristen's overwrought dialogue is one of the most hilarious piles of crap I've ever read.... seriously, I was roaring with laughter. And can that possibly be the author's real last name?

Christy (A Good Stopping Point)

Wow, those excerpts are awful. Nice analysis of the flaws in your review! :)


I read Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. I wanted to like it, but it has all the same problems that you outline here. I ended up skimming the last half of the book, but I read enough of it to be flabbergasted by the total 180 degree turn the book took out of pretty much nowhere. It has a split narration too, but in JGTDOTDS, the hero's narration consists of a set of chatty, friendly letters written home to his guardian. I couldn't get past those letters. I think many readers found them funny and charming to judge by the Amazon reviews, but the hero states throughout the book that his guardian regularly beat the crap out of him, can't be trusted, and might in fact be planning murder. Why would you write a bunch of jokey letters to someone who abused you so badly? I did enjoy bits and pieces of this book, but mostly it just rang false to me.

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