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15 September 2010


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Ms Avery

Oh dear, the Wikipedia photo of poutine does not agree with my pregnant stomach.


Food of the gods, I swear!


Ooh, jealous of your food choices. I'd like to try both.

Incidentally: Y or N on the Evanovich? I have access to her whole number series (One for ...Something or Other, etc. etc.) Should I bother? I do like cotton candy...


Eh. I read the first 6 Stephanie Plum books in quick succession and burned out on them, but they did make me howl. So if you're feeling like something light, they might work.


I am liking the premise, but not so much the execution. I wish she'd chosen to create a whole new male lead character instead of transforming Diesel. I am also really wanting some character development, and really dislike the huge Patterson-esque amounts of white space on the pages and margins. Still, I am enjoying it for what it is, and cotton candy is a good way to describe it. I enjoyably read about half of it on my lunch break today.


Maple cotton candy and poutine? When did you become Canadian?
Also my farmers' market has both poutine and maple cotton candy every weekend. ;)


Well, I do come from good old Acadian stock...

Christy (A Good Stopping Point)

Poutine!! There was a small food place in Bar Harbor called Pure Fries which offered poutine. It was awesome. I ate it many times when I was working summers in Bar Harbor. Unfortunately Pure Fries isn't there anymore. It was a local and seasonal worker favorite, but I'm not sure the tourists ate there much.

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