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03 September 2010


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::inappropriate snicker::
Thank you for the review, dear. You had me backing away at "I'll keep this short."


i personally love this book it is a very exciting read for a 12 year old girl.it is mysterious,interesting,and gory .what every teen is looking for in a book.sure its a little scary but thats the fun of it i mean really what kid wants to sit in class and read Where the Lillies Bloom? or the White Mountains? none. but every kid wants to read a book like Lock Down:Escape from Furnace. in my opinion i give this book on a scale of 1-10 i give it a 10.


I had high hopes for the book when I picked it up. With all the hype about it and the original idea, I figured it might be a good read if I got into it. And the idea of a penitentiary for young adults with hidden horrors is an interesting idea... but thats about as far as it gets for me. It was lacking for me. It just didnt go above and beyond like a good book should. The whole no-mention-of-females-whatsoever thing is also driving me insane (i just wanna know where they are!!!). Im only two thirds through the book and Im just waiting for it to get better... Is it worth it at all to keep reading?

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