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16 September 2010


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If you'd like a fun (and funny) paranormal book that doesn't seem like a cheesy attempt to cash in on the trend, might I suggest _Wild Ride_ by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer?


Funny -- I was going to chime in and recommend AGNES AND THE HITMAN by Crusie & Mayer, for a book with a great cooking heroine, a great house, a great (if somewhat quiet) hero, and real consequences. No paranormalcy, though.


Hm. Okay - good to know that it's at least not UNlikable. I am going to try some Evanovich when the Cybs are done, maybe, and I need to empty my brain. Thanks.

Loretta Ross

Y'all realize this isn't entirely new? The character of Diesel (and maybe his cousin too, but definitely Diesel) is from Evanovitch's "Between the Numbers" Stephanie Plum books.

I loved the early Stephanie Plum books, but they've begun to feel terribly repetitive and, honestly, I'm getting really tired of reading about animal droppings.


Oooooooooooooooh. I didn't make it to the BtN books, so Diesel was new to me. Wait, so there is a paranormal element in the later Stephanie Plum books? Or did she not know about his super powers?

Jackie Parker

The paranormal elements in the Stephanie Plum books are solely reserved to the BtN books. I'm with Loretta on the Plum books. I stopped reading around 11 or 12 when I could no longer take the monotony of plot. The thing that might be nice with this series is that you kinda have to stop after seven. Unlike SP.

As I was reading this I was wondering if you had read Insatiable, and if you were digging at that. So I laughed to find that you were.


not so sure about this..

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