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13 October 2010


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Liz B

my BACA is about to be taken away.

I review TALLULAH today. And I think Hilary Duff said some smarter-than-your-regular-BACA-author stuff about her upcoming book.


Uh, so I looked at the Lisa Rinna book, which doesn't sound interesting to me, but I am baffled by the "review" after the PW synopsis:
“John Lukacs has justifiably brought attention to one of the Pacific War's most overlooked stories in his riveting book about the escape from Davao. Lukacs so breathes life into the tale that readers feel the drama and suspense as if they were present.”

—John Wukovits, author of Admiral “Bull” Halsey: The Life and Wars of the Navy's Most Controversial Commander --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

That Kindle edition sounds really kinda different than what PW wrote.


Ha! Oh, Amazon...


If reading those books would bring back Veronica Mars, I would do it.


Do memoirs count for BACA? They seems less like "I'm a celebrity, so I could probably handle writing a book" and more like "I'm a celebrity, so clearly my life is fascinating".

No excuses for the Lisa Rinna though. :) (Except perhaps for the fact that she seems utterly devoid of pretensions of being a Serious Author.)

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