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15 October 2010


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Elizabeth Bunce

Great review! I re-read Daughters of Eve a few years ago (on a marvelous Lois Duncan retrospective, during which I discovered some of her books were even better than I remembered), and as an adult I found it oddly more enjoyable and definitely more disturbing than I had as a teen.


Oh fun! Now I have to go get the book--it's years since I read it. I think the last Duncan novel I read was the one about the non-aging family.


Oh wow! I LOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVED Duncan something awful, but this was the one book that was just too creepy even for me. It's interesting when you think it's not one of the supernatural ones, but maybe that's what makes it so creepy!


Elizabeth: Yes! The Stepford Wives vibe really freaked me out, and for me, as an adult, the less overt misogny was way scarier than the really in-your-face stuff.

dangermom: Ooo. I don't remember that one. I'll have to dig it up/out.

rockinlibrarian: It works that way for me a lot of times -- the closer something is to real life, the scarier it is, because it's harder to disassociate yourself from it.


Okay, I read that, but I didn't read waaaaay down to the bottom where they had your name. I was all like, "I know they just started these, where's Leila's!?"

You and the chick from SmartBitches. How cool is that???


I haven't read Daughters of Eve in an AGE. I didn't even remember what it was about. Down a Dark Hall, though--man, was that one scary. Oh, and did you read Lois Duncan's freaky memoir about her daughter?

Congrats on getting started with a bang at Kirkus. I'm still totally in awe.


That's about all I'm capable of saying right now.

Gillian Hall

Kirkus Reviews?! You rule! I'll be a regular there, now, too!

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